believe. belong. become. build.

At Life Community Church, we believe in the transformative journey of Christian discipleship – the process of learning to be with Jesus, become like Jesus and do what Jesus did. Acknowledging that we are all inevitably being shaped by various influences, we emphasize the importance of intentional formation in the way of Jesus. We've crafted four essentials at LCC to guide this transformative process. These essentials serve as a strategic roadmap, fostering a purposeful and cyclical discipleship journey for individuals seeking spiritual growth and connection with Christ at the core.


Believing in Jesus is more than a static idea; it's a lifelong journey of turning towards Him. It's a commitment marked by allegiance and curiosity, leading to the fullness of life through continual expansion and transformation. 


Belonging to the Christ-following community is integral, and we reject the idea of solitary Christians. Joining small groups, sharing life intentionally, and collectively pursuing Christ-likeness are strongly encouraged. Discover your place in this transformative journey through life groups and events fostering meaningful connections.


In the face of cultural challenges, intentional counter-formational practices are crucial for shaping us into Christ's likeness. Join us in the transformative journey guided by the Holy Spirit.  


Empowered by Jesus through the Holy Spirit, the imperfect Church is the instrument for constructing God's Kingdom on earth. Our discipleship overflows into others' lives, building the Kingdom in response to our being in Christ.